Production area 
Vineyards in the Valpolicella Classica area, located in the municipality of Fumane. 

Grape varieties 
Garganega 80%, Trebbiano 20%. 

Alcohol by volume 
14% vol. 

Grape harvesting 
Carefully selected grapes, hand-picked and placed in boxes. The grapes are left to dry slowly for 100-120 days in boxes or hung in bunches according to the traditional “Sala” method. 

Fermented for 15-20 days with short maceration during the first 5 days to give the wine more structure, aroma and its characteristic gold colour. Racking is carried out, and the fermentation stopped to maintain the sweetness. Subsequently aged in steel vats. 

Organoleptic properties 
Golden yellow colour, with an aroma that contains honey, apricots and dried fruit. Round, soft, sweet flavour. 

Food pairings 
Dessert wine, can be paired with dry pastries, soft cheeses, jams and nuts.