The roots of the company date back to 1808 with Lorenzo Boscaini, who began sharecropping in the municipality of Fumane, in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica area. His experience, care and enthusiasm for working the land was handed down from generation to generation, maintaining all the typical crops of the territory. 
In 1970 the areas dedicated to vineyards were increased and in 1983 Paolo Boscaini acquired the land that the family had been farming for 6 generations; in 1987 the company name was changed to “Azienda Agricola Sala”, a name that derives from the historical vineyard and the most prestigious one that it owns. 
The artisanship and authenticity of the products are guaranteed by strict respect of traditions, environmental protection and management of the whole chain by family members. 
Paolo and his sons personally follow every production detail, from vine growing to winemaking, from ageing to bottling, complying with the rhythms of nature in the countryside and wisely observing the wine ageing times in the winery. 
In Sala winery, wine is always made “as it used to be”, respecting tradition and craftsmanship. 
To exalt the character and typicality of Valpolicella Classica wines, the company intrudes as little as possible on the natural processes of winemaking. This is because it firmly believes that "excellent wine only comes from excellent grapes", meaning that the true quality of a wine is created in the vineyard.
 The must is, by choice, made to ferment with indigenous yeasts, in other words yeasts that are naturally present in the grape skins. As a result, clarification, stabilisation and forced filtration during ageing are avoided. In this manner the wines mature and develop slowly and naturally, at the right time, without being accelerated. 
Ageing in wood completes the aromatic bouquet of the great wines from this area but without standardising the product, so passing small amounts of wine into large vats in order to protect the aroma is preferred.


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