Production area 
Vineyards in the Valpolicella Classica area, located in the municipality of Fumane. 

Grape varieties 
Corvina and Corvinone 65%, Rondinella 20%, Molinara 5%, others 10%. 

Alcohol by volume 
15% vol. 

Grape harvesting 
Only the best straggly bunches, hand-picked, are selected and then placed one by one in boxes. After this, they are moved to the drying lofts where they slowly dry out for 90-100 days. This leads to a natural and unique development of aromas and polyphenolic substances that can only be found in Valpolicella autochthonous grapes. 

Slow fermentation with maceration for 20 to 30 days, and then ageing in barrels of oak and steel. 

Organoleptic properties 
Ruby red in colour with granite highlights that become brick coloured with ageing. Evolved, embracing aroma, with characteristic hints of ripe red fruit and spices. Full, velvety flavour, with a persistent body. 

Food pairings 
Wine for meditating. Accompanies risottos, pot roasts, game and mature cheeses perfectly.